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The Syma X5C Review

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Syma X5C is a high-quality drone designed for professionals. If you are still unsure of which one to buy, you can check the specs below. It has three additional accelerometers that help it to avoid side slips and sudden turns. The image quality is also very good. It comes at a decent price as well. Besides the price, it has many other features that make it a better choice for beginners.

FPV capability

A micro or nano FPV kits are available for those who want to fly the SymaX5C drone, but don't want to spend hundreds. An Eachine® TL700 FpV kit is only $200. The Eachine TL700 fpv kit has excellent flight characteristics and can fly even in adverse weather conditions. You don't need to spend a lot to buy a high-quality drone.

Two versions of the X5C are available: the X5SC (or X5SW). Both are capable of flying in headless mode. Whether you want to fly in the sky or at a stadium, the Syma X5C is the perfect option. Both models come equipped with a camera that can shoot 720p video at stunning clarity. Micro SD cards of up to 4GB size are compatible with the X5C.


The Syma X5C quadcopter offers stable flight performance and excellent stability. The Syma X5C's modular design is easy to use, and it balances price and performance. The drone can fly for around 7-10 minutes and has a range of 50 meters. Although it has a camera built in, the quality is poor. However, it is still an enjoyable toy that novice and expert pilots can use.

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The Syma X5C quadcopter is designed for newbies, but it's also perfect for experienced pilots who want to learn the ropes. It's easy to hover and requires no advanced flying skills. The device does not include a GPS system. This can make it difficult to know where you are. However, a 3-axis GPS will allow you to keep track of your flight.

Image quality

The Syma X5C is a 2-megapixel, 720-HD camera that produces decent aerial photos. The camera has moderate stability and comes with 2GB microSD cards. Camera cannot be moved to other places due to its fixed zoom and focus settings. It doesn't have the best image quality but it is sufficient for most purposes. The SymaX5C quadcopter is an excellent choice for experienced and beginner flyers.

Syma X5C is a decent drone with a decent camera. However, it is not as good as other drones. The native resolution is 1024x768. It interpolates to 1280x720 video resolution @ 30fps. It is adequate for beginners but not as good as the DJI Mavic Air 2 2. It is adequate for its purpose but not better than a decent smartphone camera.


The Syma X5C beginner drone has a great camera. The Syma X5C can fly for between seven and ten minutes with a battery that lasts nine minutes. It does not have any HD cameras or other features. The drone's total flight duration is seven to 10 mins. It's extremely easy to use and comes with an intuitive remote controller. It can be used for aerial photography and has night vision LED lights.

drones with camera and video

The Syma X5C is powered by four AA batteries. Even though the range of flight is approximately 50-60 meters, experienced pilots often carry extra batteries just in case. A single 3.7v 500mAh battery of lithium polymer can give you seven minutes of flight. If necessary, the time can be extended to ten. It is easy to find batteries and they are easily recharged in 90 minutes. Syma X5C sells for $1,299, which is reasonable when you consider all the features and benefits that it has.

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What is the difference between a quadcopter and a hexacopter?

Quadcopters are four-rotor helicopters that fly like traditional helicopters. It has four rotors that rotate independently. The quadcopter's quadcopter counterpart, the hexacopter, has six instead of four. Hexacopters have more stability and maneuverability than quadcopters.

Do drones fall under the control of the FAA?

The FAA oversees all aspects regarding drone operations, including safety standards and certification requirements.

What are the laws around flying drones?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), regulates drone operations in the United States. To operate a drone commercially, you must first get a certificate from the FAA. You must then complete a course on piloting skills and pass an examination. The final step is to pay the fee.

Is Drones Prohibited?

The FAA bans drones flying in restricted areas such as airports, stadiums or sporting events, nuclear power stations, hospitals, prisons, and other sensitive areas. They are allowed to fly at night by using GPS technology.


  • According to the multiple listing service (MLS), houses and apartments with drone photographs are up to 68 percent more likely to sell than those without pictures. (thedroneu.com)
  • With the top 10% making over $100/h and the bottom 10% making as low as $10/h. (dronesgator.com)
  • According to Indeed, a drone pilot gets paid $25.73 per hour on average in the US. (dronesgator.com)

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How To

How to choose the best drone for photography

This article will help you choose the right drone for you. We'll discuss what you need to look for when buying a drone.

First, let's take a look at some general tips to help you choose the right drone for you.

You should consider the size of any product before purchasing it. A larger camera will be easier to use if you plan to take photos from the top. This is especially true for beginner pilots. You don't want to get into trouble because you were too scared to go higher!

You should also consider the quality of your image sensor. The better quality of the images you are able to capture, the bigger the sensor.

A remote controller might be worth your consideration. These remote controllers can be used to help track the location of your drone in space and make flying easier.

You'll also need to decide whether you want a fixed mount to use with your camera or a gimbal. A gimbal lets you shoot stills while flying. It allows you to fly more freely and makes it easier for you to stay steady. They are usually more expensive, depending on what you need.


The Syma X5C Review